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What is Dis-Ease? Any suffering indicates that there is an imbalance among one's physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. The integrative therapy program is one which seeks to harmonize body, mind, and spirit. Once there is a stillness from emotional or physical pain, one may come to a place of internal and eternal wisdom. In this place of balance, one may find renewed connection with oneself and others.

Those with addictive patterns have found ways to distract themselves from the pain and suffering in life. There is usually a longing for something that a deep part desires. The external search usually proves useless after a time and a need for help causes one to reach out for new ways to cope. Taking responsibility for one's life allows us to understand that we take the opportunity to use life's experiences as a way to grow mentally/emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Obstacles to growth come from our subconscious minds in the form of thoughts, desires, and fears. The reaction to our body/mind messages form patterns which then cause a stressor upon the body. Refocusing inwardly for our own resources, we can begin to discover that eternal part of ourselves and find strength and freedom from old habitual patterns. When body, mind, soul and spirit are integrated, we find a place of balance and peacefulness.

What are the Benefits?

  • program adaptation to your unique needs
  • recovery from the destructive, repetitive, addictive process
  • increasing awareness and clarification of personal issues
  • deepening relationships to oneself and others
  • growing self-esteem
  • lessening of stress and pain
  • TREATMENT: My holistic approach is different from other modalities. I add some components which speed the process of recovery: These include nutrients which are needed for each unique body, autogenic relaxation exercises proven successful for 5,000 years, breathing techniques which promote healing, Tai Chi or yoga postures which have been defined for detox and recovery, meditation, education about the disease model, and counseling with a Spiritual perspective. Mind/body practices help people to reconnect with that deeper sense of self and perhaps experience a sense of the union for which each is longing. We shift from an external focus to an internal focus. Taking responsibility for ourselves, our actions and reactions begins to build a stronger sense of self and the ability to let go of destructive patterns. To provide people with the tools for self-management is the ultimate self-care.

    A successful program includes the components of nutritional guidelines for the unique body/mind constitution, hatha yoga, relaxation and breathing exercises, meditation, in addition to individual and family counseling. This unique program finds 90% success. Others with some of the parts claim a success rate of over 70%.

    Imagine achieving self-confidence and joy, while recognizing a deeper alignment. Transforming addictive behaviors into positive patterns increases one's self-esteem and lifts spirits. Each person takes personal responsibility for designing and implementing the life that they want to live. Together, clients and I look at underlying issues which impede desires. We look at beliefs and limits that may not be relevant for balance and peacefulness. We honor whatever brought us this far and begin to include an inner place to find contentment.

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