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To promote a balanced and harmonious lifestyle as a progressive evolution towards non-violence and world peace. Dispelling the darkness allows more space for Light, Love, Compassion and Joy to radiate from within.


To provide integrated programs as a way to repattern destructive habits of the body, mind, and spirit. To promote focused minds and serenity for optimal health by transforming addictive patterns and the underlying causes. To support the implementation of these new skills with self, family, and friends.


Utilizing the premise that we are Spiritual beings on a path to exploring our humanness, and that we are already whole underneath the layers of personality, I practice a unification of the best of Western Psychology with an Eastern Philosophy for the treatment of addiction. Stress and the underlying emotional/psychological causes of addictive patterns need to be addressed. The dis-ease of any "ism" includes looking into the patterns of the mind, the erroneous beliefs, coping strategies, and the fears that keep us repeating unsuccessful patterns.

Alcoholics and others are deeply hurt in many ways. I believe that the journey into addiction is a result of deep-seated alienation that has kept people from feeling that they are loved and lovable. There are many addictions--substances, food, work, sex, gambling, misuse of money, and negative emotions. When these disabilities are thought of as beautiful and embraced, our perceptions can shift and we can celebrate them as part of our life. When we include them, we can transcend them.

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