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A supportive group for those who have challenges in life and desire to pray with others who have transformed challenges with insight and pro-active steps. Then are able to talk about their answered prayers and report the miracles in their lives. The group prays for others and themselves to help the healing of the planet on a grass roots level as well as a planetary level. They also honor the quarterly seasonal changes by dining in a local restaurant for lunch, four times a year. Each person has an opportunity to lead the group, if desired. A burning bowl ceremony and personal ritual happens yearly near the beginning of the new year.

Time: Ongoing Wednesdays from 11 to Noon

Place: 511 B Street, Petaluma (between 5th and 6th Streets)


  • --Building a trusting relationship with a Divine Source
  • --Learning to surrender to a Power deeper and higher than oneself
  • --Creating an alkaline body/mind for better health
  • --Opening the heart for more compassion for self and others
  • --Opportunities to build friendships

    CHRISTINE BANDETTINI, LMFT and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, as well as an ordained minister, will accept calls to answer questions and give more information about the group.

    If you are interested in joining the Interfaith Prayer Group and need more information, please either call (707) 765-3995 or e-mail Christine @thelightfoundation.org

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