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"You are the architect of your life and you decide your destiny."
   - Swami Rama

Here is an opportunity to learn how to present a more peaceful self while coping with stressful situations. This four class series with lecture, discussion, and experiential process honors and respects oneself on different levels so that one may enhance connection with others.


  • Increased ability to focus, stay present, and remain calm in the midst of chaos
  • More productivity at work and home
  • Easier to tap intuition and creativity
  • Reduction in stress-induced illness
  • Strategies for overcoming less helpful patterns
  • Participants will use journaling, breathing and relaxation exercises, meditation, and guided imagery to bring awareness to thought patterns.

    Classes: Call or e-mail for current dates and times.
    Location: 511 B Street, Petaluma CA
    Fee: Sliding Scale, Registration: 707-765-3995

    Facilitator: Christine Bandettini, MA, LMFT & Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher has a private integrative somatic psychotherapy practice in Petaluma. She utilizes breathing techniques, restorative yoga, emotional release and counseling strategies for your unique issues. She has served the Bay Area Communities for 25 years. In addition to her medical and psychological backgrounds she has studied with the teachers and Masters of the Himalayan Tradition for many years. Her work is well received by her students and clients.


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