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Children and Adults with special needs such as Down's Syndrome, Autism, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, and learning disabilities highly benefit from yoga, which helps them to

•  Increase their neuromuscular development

•  Gain strength and flexibility from underused muscles

•  Balance the over-flexibility of underused muscles

•  Increase muscular coordination

•  Develop their potential

•  Increase oxygen flow to all parts of the body with better breathing

•  Enhance Self-esteem, which allows better social skills, more confidence, and emotional balance     

The wonderment of life's vicissitudes, including all aspects of creation, allows a deeper understanding of the nature of what is.   Yoga synthesizes and balances body, mind, soul and spirit.   We are more than our body and mind.   Yoga helps us stay in touch with our essential being, so often neglected in our fast-paced world.   It is the connection with this special internal and intrinsic value, which enables your special child to adjust to nature's way, and better adapt to the environment.

Christine Bandettini offers private Yoga therapy to all ages of children with special needs.   The younger the child, the better the chances are for more developmental progress.   Christine will travel to your home, or meet in a professional setting.   Christine has been certified for teaching Yoga to the developmentally challenged person and is a certified and registered Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance.

Please call her at (707) 765-3995 or e-mail Christine for more information or appointments.

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